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20 ANOS DE TARANTULA - Tributo (2 CD)


Released by Recital Records.

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Released by Recital Records. TRACK LIST: CD1: 1.The Fever Experience - Intro 2.Ramp - Light Beyond The Dark 3.Anger - If You Close Your Eyes 4.Genocide - Power Tower 5.Oratory - Lusitania 6.In Solitude - Falling World 7.The Firstborn - The Lost Crown 8.Evidence - Looking For Heroes 9.The Fire - Freedom's Call 10.Rebellion - The Great Dragon 11.Downthroat - Battle Of Victory 12.Melodrama - Warning Sign 13.Attick Demons - Fear 14.Demon Dagger - Big Liar 15.Web - The Candle 16.Nordica - Leaving All The Past Behind 17.Drakkar - Inner Force CD2: 1.Crystal Dragon - Highway To Glory 2.Sacred Sin - Freedom's Call 3.Delpht - The Lost Crown 4.Vers'Over - Warning Sign 5.Santarém - To See The Light 6.Ifyouarealone - Big Liar 7.Thunderforce - Kingdom Of Fire 8.Symetry - Fear 9.Shadowsphere - Lusitania 10.Morbidick - Making Destiny 11.Arte Sacra - Life Behind The Mask 12.The Last Hymn - Face The Mirror 13.Diesel-Humm! - Inner Force 14.Paranormal Waltz - Saga Of Sebastian The King 15.Pitch Black - Dark Dream Of Freedom III 16.Paradigm - Running With The Wind 17.Nó Cego - Peter The Cruel


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20 ANOS DE TARANTULA - Tributo (2 CD)

20 ANOS DE TARANTULA - Tributo (2 CD)

Released by Recital Records.

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